Careship - Marketplace for care
Role: UX/UI Design, Product Development, User Research and Testing (User Experience Design Intern)
How: Lean and Agile Design Processes  
When: July - September 2018

Due to a constantly aging society the demand for caregivers increases as the number of people who need extra care in their lives. In year 2050 the average age will be 30% higher than today. Plus the World Health Organization says that by 2035 there will be a global shortage of 12.9 million healthcare workers. The global healthcare is currently one of the fastest developing markets.
Founded in 2015 by siblings Antonia and Nikolaus Albert after they could not find a suitable caregiver for their grandmother, Careship operates a marketplace for caregivers that aims to disrupt the traditional agency model. The marketplace connects families needing elderly care with access to qualified personnel using a “matchmaking algorithm” to help solve the suitability problem.
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