Companio - Mobile App 
Role: UI/UX Design and Product Development
How: Discover, Define, Ideation, Design and Deliver
When: Autumn 2017 (Design Sprint) and Autmun 2017 (2 weeks)
The objective was to develop an application and test it with the user.  
A secondary objective was to develop a service which led more users to participate in shared economy.


338 million people participated in “ride sharing” this year, with people they have never seen before. First insight showed that 50% of those questioned will never participate in ride sharing due to safety and not know who your travelling with.
Build an application that helps friends and acquaintances, with the same travel destination, find each other. Build a brand around the app and
“Make shared driving to a great experience”

More information about the design process click here
Status: We tested our application with the user and got some great feedback but also some challenges came across. 
Interactive Prototype
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