Design Process
Discover - Define - Design - Ideation - Deliver 
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How can we connect people, who have the same destination, in their own social network? How can we create a great shared driving experience? This question triggered our research relating carsharing with your friends and acquaintances. The objective was to develop an application and test it with the user.  A secondary objective was to develop a service which led more users to participate in ride sharing. 

Discover: First we needed to understand the problem statement, customers and stakeholders. We clustered our insights on relevance and topics. Afterwards, we started a phase of extensive research (surveys, interviews and observations) about ride sharing, travelling and what the user´s pains, goals and needs are. Define: We organized the material to gain quality user insights. We evaluated the insights and hypothesis, this helped us to think about possible solutions and what further actions can be. We also created How might we? questions and customer journeys which covered all touchpoints in a ride-sharing process discussed what points are most relevant and moved on to the Design stage. In this stage, I went into sketch our first ideas which we were able to test with quick prototypes. On our way to the solution we decided on our home area to be oriented by the Google App. We discussed and tested our wireframes and design decisions in small groups. Now we finalized our ideas and I started to create, draw and design the application

The focus of our concept – a mobile app that lets you share your ride among friends – is the personalized feed with cards (displayed as notifications) that allow you quick access to latest activites in your network. This is a great way of sharing and quickly connecting friends with the same travel destination. The feed shows the user all information about rides and events in the future, that friends have posted. Conscious interactions will be achieved through notifications off all rides and events that the user might be interested, based on his preferences. Companio presents a new carpooling concept among friends for a quick, safe and easy way of finding friends and travel

Discover - Define - Design - Ideation - Deliver
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