Design Process
Discover - Define - Ideation - Design - Build
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How can we increase the general traffic? How can we fulfill the user goals and optimise the user flows? How can I implement the redesign with a CMS program I have never worked with?
The objective of this project was to explore and develop an effective user interface design for a website.

First, I learned how to use the CMS program Divi Builder. Discover: I conducted user research with insights to goals and currently pains and gathered all information, explored through interviews and observations. Define: After I clustered and evaluated the material, the pains, next to the old design led me to create some hypothesis. Ideation: My next actions were sketching, quick prototyping and taking decisions on the actual design. After this stage, I started to build the website with the Divi Builder.  
The concept of the website displays the key values of the company and triggers the user to action. 
After successfully testing the concept of the website was proved with a great usability in a new design.
Status: Currently being stocked with texts and images

Discover - Define - Ideation - Design - Build

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