Design Process 
Discover - Define - Ideation-Design
How can I connect people more to their network? How can I connect people more who have the same travel destination? What function does the solution need? How can I create a save and personalised surrounding? The first objective was to develop a product and brand to pitch it. The second objective was to redevelop the idea with feedback. 

First stage was to Discover: I conducted a general user research about carpooling and how the user was sharing in his economy. The material was gathered through interviews, web research and observations. Define: After I grouped all the material and displayed his pains and needs, I created some hypothesis and looked at possible opportunities and further actions.   user journey which covered most of the steps in a traveling process. In my Ideation phase I sketched first screens and created a quick prototypes. Design: I evaluated my test results and started to draw and create the design in sketch. 

Created wireframes that show the main functions of the app, which allowed me to test the idea. At the End, I further developed my application with a nice look and feel.

Discover - Define - Ideation-Design

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