UI/UX Design • Strategy • Product • Brand

Alex is a product & brand designer in Germany. For the past years he has helped building digital products and worked for RecTag, Careship, Stint, AutoScout24 and mytaxi.

Revolutionising the way people are employed with a local on demand work service.
Role: Lead Product Designer and Product Development
– Careship
Delivering a great user experience for one of the fastest growing healthcare startups.
Role: UX/UI Design, User Research and Testing
– Companio
Building a safe carsharing platform, among friends and acquaintances.
Role: UX & UI Design and Co-Founder
– Trusto
Developing the concept and brand of a sharing community in a safe environment.
Role: UI & UX Design and Product Development
– Michaelis Interiors
Redesign and concept of website to reach customers and increase traffic.
Role: UX & UI Design and CMS Programmer
Andreas Krebs
Redesigned and strategic positioning for a men fashion brand based in Munich.
Role: Designer
Designed cereal packaging for/against Donald Drumpf.
Role: Designer and Illustrator
– Natürlich Apple Cider
Illustrating and designing a bottle and brand for a local producer.
Role: Illustrator and Designer
– Munich Philharmonica
Designing posters and a brand for classical concerts in Munich.
Role: Designer
– Self-portrait
Reflected my personality in an illustration photography with two sides.
Role: Illustrator
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